About us
We are a Wholesaler of Fresh Cut Flowers, Pot Plants & Sundries.
Based in Limerick, we have been in business since 1992.  We supply to Flower Shops & Garden Centers throughout Ireland on a daily basis. You can buy from our warehouse stocks and you can also pre-order through our Holland Direct service.
In fresh cut flowers we sell Irish alstromeria, lillies and foliage when in season and fresh flowers from all around the world all year round.
We stock a small selection of indoor and outdoor pot plants and then we offer you a link to a huge selection of plants through our Holland Direct Webshop.  Here you will have links to a range of European growers and also the Dutch auction sales allowing you to have these fresh plants in your shop within a few days of ordering.
We stock a wide range of floral sundries, gift packaging, artificial flowers and seasonal decorations all year round.  In addition to our own sundires stocks we can offer you a webshop link to buy other sundries from APAC's extensive product range.  We also can offer you a link to buy a nice range of Dutch sundries and packaging through our Holland Direct service.   
Check out our stocks and get in touch if you would like to become a customer.